March 10, 2012
Dear Angel,

Angel is really special. She brings people together as she has brought us closer through our Skype communications. I think she did a very good job on the atonement doctrine. I love how she speaks from the heart and her own insight. And as usual you are doing a great and invaluable service in helping her express herself, just as you have helped me and many others.

A friend in Virginia


Date: January, 2012
Dear Angel,

I just wanted to tell you thanks for giving me a door that I could go through with my granddaughter about prayer this morning. Somehow, after we talked about it with you, it was very easy for me to take her hands before she left for school, and pray with her. It was a beautiful experience, and we both had a beautiful day. She came here this afternoon all smiles and happiness. We invited Jesus – I told her that Jesus said that where two or more are gathered in his name, he is really there. So it was quite lovely, and I have been so happy all day…

Thank you…it really was lovely to see you today,

A friend in Colorado
My Dear Sweet Colorado Friend,

Good Evening.

This is a great news for me. After our session I prayed for this and I explained this to my Grandpa. Because your granddaughter… sweet lovely girl… she is only 11… she doesn’t know anything about our spiritual life now because she didn’t see it from her house. Probably her parents are busy with other things so the second choice is Grand Parents. You are an amazing grandma. I think you are the greatest gift in her life and she will understand this later.

Thanks to Jesus.

I think maybe everyday you can pray together with her and for her science… then when she gets her results say thanks to Jesus for those marks. She will slowly begin to experience Jesus in her life.

This morning too I prayed for this. Such good news. Probably heaven will be more happy when they see you and your granddaughter pray together. Maybe we can tell her that Jesus loves kids more than us… it will make her more happy.

I really wanted to pray with you yesterday… but it was our first meeting and time for her school… everything crowded together. So next time we will want to pray together. Whenever you get time just come to Skype during my evening time and we can pray together, read together.. maybe you can tell me lots of good spiritual thoughts to help us to grow more spiritually.

I never thought I would meet you there yesterday. It was a great surprise. Thank you for caming to meet me.

Love you so much
Good night.
Your other Grand Daughter.


Date: February, 2012
Dear Angel,

I have only one suggestion…to discuss more of what you did to physically improve yourself, for we know it is a ‘Triune’ harmony of development, when the physical, intellectual & spiritual are balanced…housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies & balanced chemical function that the greatest amount of information can come to you from your T.A., what did you do to achieve this? (The Urantia Book, 110:6.4)

Thank you… Robert
My Dear Friend,
Thank you for your suggestion — this is a good topic and it gives me the opportunity to say a few things I’ve not said yet. It’s also caused me to write a biography that’s now posted in the About section giving some background for why I think the way I do and hopefully I won’t have to repeat myself now that this is posted.

I was born and live in a place where good opportunity is available to me. This is due purely to good fortune and luck. We don’t get to choose where we are born or who our family will be; these can be simply a matter of chance. My choice however is whether such good environment will be put to good use. It’s related at 76:2.6 in the Urantia Book that good environment and education are indispensable for getting the most out of a good hereditary inheritance but that a bad environment can spoil any such good inheritance. So I am thankful to have been born here, at this time, rather than somewhere less fortunate in a more difficult time. This starts me off in the right direction.

Your quote above from The Urantia Book is important to understand. It indicates that the connection between mind and spirit values is quite fragile and easily disrupted. All too many even spiritually minded people seem to ignore this obvious link; how we use our mind determines its sensitivity to spirit values just as much as how we treat our brain, the physical connection between mind and spirit, does. “Stable neural energies and balanced chemical function” result from clean habits. Drugs and liquor physically alter brain function — perhaps permanently. A one-time experimental substance abuser may appear to be able to function reasonably, but is there any way of knowing what capability has been lost or permanently altered because of addiction or thrill seeking? Associating with crude, unloving, selfish people, to embrace anger, hate, jealousy… these are like a slow poison… they slowly kill our spiritual life and our physical life too. I believe that my body is the temple of God… and my mind is the church of God.

We are humans so sometimes it is a little difficult to control our emotions. Life with Jesus helps me to control these emotions and teaches me how to overcome problems and temptations. Sometimes we pray for something and we don’t get it… so we feel sad and stop prayer…  we are always looking for our present happiness. But our Father always gives things that are good for our future too. Prayer is essential.

Here we have prayer meetings. Usually we pray together, listen to the preaching and share our blessings with others… and share Jesus with our friends who don’t have Jesus in their lives… all of these help me to grow more spiritually. None of this means I am a yogi or a saint; I am still a 25 year old girl. But at the same time I know what is good for me and what is bad for me… a spiritual realization that I know will continue to help me grow spiritually. These are the physical and spiritual things that have made a difference in my life.





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