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The Woman and the Robe – The spiritual message behind the story of the bleeding woman.
The Wisdom – The wisdom of Ecclesiastes is meaningful today.
Solving Problems… with Jesus – A personal example of solving problems through prayer and devotion.
Lord’s Prayer – Reflections on the meaning of Jesus’ prayer plus a short video.
The Real Gift – On the blessing of having a child.
From James… – Life on earth is a difficult journey.
The Potter and the Vessel – Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand.
God is Willing – Our Father is willing to help us.
Easter… The New Hope for Mankind – The birth of Jesus is a new beginning for this world.
A Search for Truth – Searching for the living God.
Five Glorious Women – The stories of five blessed women as related in the Bible: Sarah, wife of Abraham; The Shunnamite woman; Hannah, mother of Samuel; Mary, mother of Jesus; Elizebeth, mother of John the Baptist.
Welcome 2015… – Reflections on the past year (12/31/2014)

Good tidings of Great Joy – Jesus came here on this world for me, for you… for everyone.
The Call – Will you come with me?
Jonah… on the way to Nineveh – An interpretation of the fourth chapter of the Old Testament book of Jonah.
Hey… Listen… – An excerpt from Merritt Horn’s The Call of the Spirit.
Feeling my Jesus – Techniques for feeling the presence of Jesus.
Love, the Treasure – Joy and pain in love.
Reflection – on a Muslim teacher becoming a Christian pastor.
Thy Will – Note to the heavenly Father on doing His will.
Be Prepared – Reflections on the parable of the ten virgins.
Me… Myself… and Jesus – On turning the wastelands of life into gardens.
Parenthood – Reflections on what a good parent means to a child.
Spiritual Food – Recipe for an increasingly meaningful spiritual life.
A Girl… – A reflection on the meaning of my relationship with Jesus.
Life.. A Gift… – A reflection on life for young people.
The resurrection of Lazarus – On being given second chances in life.
My Groom – Arranged marriages in India and dowry system.

End of 2013 – Reflections on the past year. (12/31/2013)
The Comforter – Reflection on Psalm 121.
My first week at gym – the gymnasium and the spirit.
Anger – Jesus will temper an angry nature.
Hey Son… – Jesus’ teachings of Love, Faith, Belief, Hope and Peace.
Take Refuge in God – Faith in action.
I am Blessed – Personal inspirational reflections.
The Philippian Jailer – An inspirational story from the Book of Acts.
Psalm 113 – My interpretation (07/05/2013).
Family – Love & Trust – Family-Marriage is based on LOVE and TRUST.
The Real Gift – The best gift in one’s life is their family.
James… Son of Thunder – The faith of the Apostle James, at the time of his martyrdom, is an inspiration.
Prayer: A Time of Making a Most Difficult Choice – A story about prayer helping with making a difficult decision.
Seek the Kingdom first – Personal reflections on one of Jesus’ most valuable messages.
Easter… the New Hope… – Personal reflections on the meaning of Easter.
A Test of Faith – A story of the faith of Daniel.
Blessings for Obedience – Deuteronomy 28:1-14
God the Father – The heavenly Father is your Father.
Psalm 25 – A prayer from my heart.

Christmas – Jesus opened a new hope in our lives. (12/24/2012)
Heros of Faith – Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
Today’s Message – 5 great teachings from Jesus.
God & spider – a fable – a spider’s web can become a wall of protection.
Our Body – The temple of God.
Psalm 91 – My refuge and my fortress… what this Psalm means to me.
The Eye is the Lamp – What this means to me.
Good Samaritan – What this parable means to me.
I Am – What Jesus could say about his life and teachings (07/12/2012).
My Jesus – Thinking about Jesus today…
Does God Exist? – A simple story about an unbelieving barber.
Psalm 128 – Loving Father – What this Psalm says to me.
Do you love me? – Angel, Daughter of Jesus, do you love me?
Family – There is no choice for family… it’s a beautiful gift; accept it.
Meditation – How to re-learn silence.
Peace – An important pillar in a person’s life.
Faith – Belief becomes faith when it affects the way we live.
Jesus Died for me? – A new approach.
Living Water – For life after death the Father offers “Living Water.”
Parable of the Sower – What this parable says to me.
Psalm 23 – The Good Shepherd – What this Psalm says to me.
Lord’s Prayer/My Prayer – Make the Lord’s Prayer personal.
A Beginner’s Guide to Jesus – The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus transformed this world.
LOVE – Express your love to others.
Prodigal Son – What this parable means to me.
Psalm 1 – My first blog post… what this Psalm means to me (01/11/2012).

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  1. Refresh our souls with the water of life and increasingly make us perfect like yourself
    May we patiently cleanse the mortal vessel that our soul becomes a clear vessel of light
    Keep the fountains of our faith free from the poisons of selfish origin as our soul evolves
    And let our inner eye remain single that we lose not sight of your will and our eternal destiny

    William Martin
    S/V SageofSalem
    Rio Dulce, Guatemala

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