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1) The Lord’s Prayer — (4:25) Andrea Bocelli and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

2) “A Good Day” — (5:32) Brother David Steindl-Rast explains the value of today.

3) Wherever You Are — (3:10) Military Wives choir with Gareth Malone. Sometimes we forget about those at home. This video is from a British series where Gareth Malone, Choir Master for the London Symphony Orchestra, turns a group of military wives whose husbands are all away in Afghanistan into a choir. The song is based on excerpts from letters written by the couples while apart.

4) One Day at a Time — (4:15) Dramatization of when we change the way we look at things, things change.

5) Jehovah Jireh My Provider — (2:21) Upbeat revival music.

6) Raghuvamsa — (8:23) Rajhesh Vaidhya plays upbeat Indian music.

7) Supper Time — (6:48) Comedy of two dogs sharing dinner at the table.

8| Roundup — (2:39) Comedy of a herd of cows and a miniature radio controlled car.

9) A 5 Year Coma — (3:53) The car crash, the 5 year coma, and the inner voice – The story of Allison Zopel, a Urantia Book reader.

10) How I pray — (1:30) An interview with Gard Jameson. Urantia Book reader.

11) Sermon On The Kingdom — The Words of Christ from The Urantia Book performed by Pato Banton. When the text displays, click on the ((Listen)) link for the audio.

12) Ultimate Dog Tease — (1:21) A comedy favorite talking dog video of grandpa’s. So sad.

13) Guiltiest Dog — (2:18) Comedy. Which is the guiltiest dog?

14) Hummingbirds — (9:29) PBS – Nature, Behind the Scenes of the PBS special “Hummingbirds.”

15) Ragas — (9:00) Rajeswari Padmanabhan, a master musician on the veena gives power packed performances of two traditional pieces of Indian music.

16) Yosemite — (3:57) Yosemite Valley, California in HD

17) Peace is Coming — (2:33) A Tribute to the Artwork of Jon McNaughton. Here is a link to Jon McNaughton’s website…

18) Starlings — (2:00)  A murmuration of starlings in Ireland on the River Shannon.

19) Remembrance and update — (8:00)  The Japanese Tsunami. “Pentecost endowed mortal man with the power to forgive personal injuries, to keep sweet in the midst of the gravest injustice, to remain unmoved in the face of appalling danger, and to challenge the evils of hate and anger by the fearless acts of love and forbearance…. The secret of a better civilization is bound up in the Master’s teachings of the brotherhood of man, the good will of love and mutual trust.”  (UB 194:3.12)

20) Spontaneity — (6:08)  Lara Fabian Live In Concert. Lara is stunned by spontaneous audience participation, singing back to her, saying t’aime ( we love you ) during her singing of “Je t’aime.” Angel loves this video.

21) Feel the Inukness — (3:50)  Inuk coolness to the max. “Don’t fight the feeling… Let’s be ourselves. Let’s have fun.” The video shows a young man in Iqaluit, walking and listening to music. As the music changes from hiphop to accordion, he starts to dance, visiting familiar landmarks and dancing with others along the way.
Iqaluit is the territorial capital of the Canadian territory of Nunavut. Until 1987, it was called Frobisher Bay. Iqaluit is located on the south coast of Baffin Island at the head of Frobisher Bay. Thomas Anguti Johnson is the lead actor and Becky Kilabuk produced the film.

22) Pollination — (4:20)  Slow motion… bugs, birds and bats pollinating flowers presented at TED.

23) Colors — (4:30) The blessing of color adding to our perceptions.

24) Introduction to Akiane Kramarik — images and short video – Born in 1994, before she reached 12 years of age Akiane had become famous as an artist, poet, writer, and musician. Please also visit her personal website at

25) Time 2 — (3:11)  Guitarist Ewan Dobson,  Canadian fingerstyle guitarist.

26) How to get to Mars — (6:33) NASA video footage and animation together provide an overview of the June 10, 2004 launch of the Spirit mission to Mars. Intended as 90-day Mars missions, Spirit and its twin, Opportunity, operated for over 6 years on Martian terrain.

27) The Empty Pickle Jar — (2:57)  A Lesson on Life – a philosophical portrayal of thevaluable things in life.

28) Karunamayane-Malayalam — (4:30)   Devotional Song from the film The Passion of the Christ sung by Jayan ambali, Blackpool, UK.

29) What a Wonderful World — 2:00  Beautiful BBC video presentation. 2) What a Wonderful World — (2:25)  After watching the above video you will probably want to hear Louis Armstrong sing the song the BBC video depicts. Willy Nelson also does a nice job. (link)

30) The Last Supper Communion — (3:07)  with the song “Rememberance” by Matt Maher; The Passion of the Christ video. Song lyrics here.

31) Parasailing with a hawk — (1:47)  a falconer and his hawk fly together.

32) What the astronauts see — (4:42)  views of earth and space from the space station.

33) Christian, the Lion — (2:38) Two young men raise a lion cub in England and realize he needs to be returned to the wild in Africa. After a year they return to see if they can find him.

34) Human Planet — (3:33)  trailer for BBC Human Planet, the most remarkable species of all, living in the wildest places on earth.

35) Gratitude — (9:58)  TED presentation by photographer Louie Schwartzberg, time lapse photography.

36) In the Bleak Midwinter — (3:28)  The choristers sing a Christmas Carol. Gloucester Cathedral Choir. “This has to be the most moving carol ever written.”

37) Wear your seatbelt — (1:28)  UK public service commercial. Without a single word this says it all.

38) Joy — (3:08)  Baby elephant loving the waves at the beach in Thailand.

39) Life After Death Experience — (6:58)  Physician Mary Neal describes her experience after drowning in a kayaking accident.

40) Life After Death Experience #2 — (6:12)  Jeff Markin died as he stumbled into the hospital. Then his doctor heard a voice.

41) Path of the Crucifixion — (4:46)  This clip from A FEAST OF UNCERTAINTY by Richard Jernigan,  retraces the path taken by Jesus in 30 AD, beginning at the site of the Antonius Palace, through Damascus Gate, and north to Golgotha.

42) The Birds of Paradise — (6:38) Cornell University

43) Concentration — (7:43) Miyoko Shida’s performance for the Spanish TV program “Tú Sí Que Vales” (“You Can Do It”)

44) A Parent Thing — (6:58) Dad Films Premature Son’s Miraculous First Year

45) Kerala India — (2:22) the area where Angel lives; tourism advertisement

46) Wakeboarding with dolphins — (2:03) Dolphin Surfing in the Sea of Cortez

47) Saying grace before dinner — (2:13) 4 dogs in China


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